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Forums is basically the same has the main site Forums if you ever used it.You can write posts, comment on others posts and pretty much just get your voice herd.=3

Guild/Game General Discussion:Write anything you want here basically form how your feeling about the Guild to how much your Hating how something going in the game or maybe just a simple" Hey whats you guyz going this weekend? "

Information/Self Help:Not sure how this is going to go but I'm putting it in this is where you'd go to ask a Question about the game and hopefully we'll have some knowledgeable higher members that can't help you out.This will also be where if anyone likes to make play guides on something they know how to do well/know well should post them so other members can learn form your expertise.

(Creative)Stories/Writings/Videos:Creative is where you can write anything form a Poem related to Eden or are Guild in some way to Some Awesome Story or Fan Fiction(Keep in mind we're the PopsicleBrigade so "Lemons" are aloud just don't be to Bad x3 Seeing that this is a site hosted by a site so keep it gengeral  around  what you might see on Quizilla or soish) as for Video just anything you make or find that has to do with Eden/are Guild(Fyi Not sure if this funtion works yet)

Suggestions:Title Says all it's just for suggestions about anything to do with are Guild or this site. Like maybe you think I should change the background on a tag post a picture send it in anything like that would go here.Also another big thing I'd like to see here is suggestions for events for are guild host for are members and other fun ingame things.^^

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*~Important Message~*

Okays this is for all potential new members or any members in general, I really need some help with this Guild and Site. I Myself am only lvl 40 in game and I don't really have much to offer yet.I still wanna have many events and games but sadly you really can't expect someone that only has about 2k in gold to fund all this at this time. Yes, I do buy AP but right now things are a bit tight so I can't  be buying it for prizes every time we have an event. I also can do Fan Art/Sigs/Avatars,write Fan Fiction and many other fun kinda things that will be sold on here for event profit and used for prizes most if the time when I can buy them.So really this is where some if you guyz come in, I'm looking for some high rollers(In AP or Gold)/Artist that can help me with prizes for are events.No I'm not asking these people to gave a lot just a bit because I can really use the help.If you can be one if this player I'll reward you by making you a higher rank once the guild is lvl 2 and I'll give you a higher position on the Website. So more or less you'll be helping me run everything. =3


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