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Well,Not much to say about us in general right now.This section will be updated as soon as things get moving but as if now we're just a new guild In Eden Eternal's Emerald Server looking for members. =3 We take any Lvl,  any Class  and Even any Time Zone anything really a go. You don't have to be super active but, I'd like to at less see you once in awhile. I'm also not going to make you contribute but if you do, I'll try to always make  It worth you while.^^We don't have many rules to speak if and the few we have will be stated soon. Really I'm just looking to make a fun guild  with a bunch if wild and a bit pervy  players that wanna  find like minded pears to chat,hang with and just have a great time. Who knows maybe you'll find the special Eden Guy or Girl if your Dreams or same new friends. Even though I really wanted to make this guild to help others find same chatty player that won't give you the cold shoulder if you say Hi .>//< I still hope for us to grow into a strong and steady guild with a town and such someday. So don't just think we in this for the"fun" we will have any treats that any if the other guilds in Emerald have. I just need the members input on it and a game plan before I try to set it up or work it in somehow.^^       

It's going to be you help me so, I can help you







  • Number One Rule You Must Lick Oh~ No Like Popsicles =3 (Just Kidding that rules just for Fun)
  • I'd Like Members To Be At Less 18 Years Old Or Older (This is you to avoid any kiddy problems. I'm not saying if your younger you can't join just let me know before hand)
  • Only Strong English Speakers Please(No Offence but I've been in guild with Choppy/Non English Speakers and it's not fair to them nor the other members to try to make out what's being said. Also if you speak more then one language Please only use English is the Guild Chat/Messages or On anything on this Site Thank You^^)                                 
  • Be Respectful To Your Guild Mates And Other Players(No making people feel uncomfortable, No Scamming Or Chatting,No Once So Ever Put Downs  [I don't take well to bullies Nor will I let you pick on someone])
  • No Trolling,Spammers Or Drama Makers(The game in a whole has enough if these and I rather not have someone in my guild like this)
  • Open(This is Going to be left open just in  case I have to add to this someday)

*~Important Message~*

Okays this is for all potential new members or any members in general, I really need some help with this Guild and Site. I Myself am only lvl 40 in game and I don't really have much to offer yet.I still wanna have many events and games but sadly you really can't expect someone that only has about 2k in gold to fund all this at this time. Yes, I do buy AP but right now things are a bit tight so I can't  be buying it for prizes every time we have an event. I also can do Fan Art/Sigs/Avatars,write Fan Fiction and many other fun kinda things that will be sold on here for event profit and used for prizes most if the time when I can buy them.So really this is where some if you guyz come in, I'm looking for some high rollers(In AP or Gold)/Artist that can help me with prizes for are events.No I'm not asking these people to gave a lot just a bit because I can really use the help.If you can be one if this player I'll reward you by making you a higher rank once the guild is lvl 2 and I'll give you a higher position on the Website. So more or less you'll be helping me run everything. =3


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