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♥This is Eden Eternal/Emerald Guild/Popsicle Brigade's♥ Website
Thank you for visiting are site =3 please feel free to have a look around. Basically this is a site only for the members if the Popsicle Brigade if Eden Eternal Emerald Server.  

 If you are a player looking for a new guild to call home then you are surely in the right place trust me.^^ On this site you'll be able to find  all you need to know about are guild, it's members,event and so much more. If you like what you see please don't hesitate to contact me or one of are other member for a invite or even if you just have a question. We will gladly answer it for you so we hope to hear form many soon to be members.


~Ooops Where Am I...?~

If you found yourself here by mistake or was just wondering  what the site was, I still Welcome you to have a look at are Guild site and maybe learn and bit about the Game in a whole.^^ This is kinda more or less a fan site for Eternal Eternal A free Anime based MMORPG Found on the Aeria Games main home site. If you like Online game  you might take a a fancy to this one, It has a easy to fallow Story plot,wide base if Classes form  the gentle touch of a Healing Class, to the in your face Melee DPS and many more^^ I can bit you, you'll find one the fits your liking as your freely switch between them at any point in the game. The Game also has many unique features I myself have never seen in any other MMORPG.To sit here trying to write out them all in great enough detail so not to belittle the wonder if the game it would take far to long. So if you like to  know more please  click on one or the links to either visit the Main site for this game or the  Home site that is hosting it.If you do choose to play the The PopsicleBrigade of Emerald server welcome you  to get stick with us.x3 


*~Important Message~*

Okays this is for all potential new members or any members in general, I really need some help with this Guild and Site. I Myself am only lvl 40 in game and I don't really have much to offer yet.I still wanna have many events and games but sadly you really can't expect someone that only has about 2k in gold to fund all this at this time. Yes, I do buy AP but right now things are a bit tight so I can't  be buying it for prizes every time we have an event. I also can do Fan Art/Sigs/Avatars,write Fan Fiction and many other fun kinda things that will be sold on here for event profit and used for prizes most if the time when I can buy them.So really this is where some if you guyz come in, I'm looking for some high rollers(In AP or Gold)/Artist that can help me with prizes for are events.No I'm not asking these people to gave a lot just a bit because I can really use the help.If you can be one if this player I'll reward you by making you a higher rank once the guild is lvl 2 and I'll give you a higher position on the Website. So more or less you'll be helping me run everything. =3


Other Useful Sites =3

Aeria Games Eden Eternal Website  Eden Eternal Official Wiki    Eden Eternal Website Forums

If there's any other Site links that you'd like me to add Please Let me know.=3

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